Reactions | Concepts split EP (Concepts side)

by Concepts

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released September 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Concepts Whyalla, Australia

4 Piece Hardcore band situated in Whyalla/Adelaide, South Australia

Liam Anderson | Nathan Morphett | Josh Mills-Couper | Sean Gosling

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Track Name: Relatives
It's been several years since I seen your face
And my life was running smooth
Unexpected guest, uninvited guest
You show up out of the blue
We don't want you here, we never did
So turn around, return to the town
You've called home for so many years

You dug your own grave, go make some use of it
We don't need you coming back causing all this shit

You know we can't rewind you know we can't replace
What's done is done
But don't you think for one second
That I'm choosing forgiveness as an option
I wish yu had given me something to miss
We always had our differences, never like this
But don't you think for one second or two
That I'm choosing forgiveness as my option for you

There's a hole in my ceiling that reminds me of you
It's a broken disguise I can see straight through
See straight through your lies

Tired of acceptance
Dealing with your presense
Pretending I, I want you here
Return where you came from
Even better, your husband
You knew this would happen

But I sit back, pretending I, I give a shit.
You broke this family bond that we worked on for so long
And now it's gone
Because of you
Track Name: Seventeen
I was afraid to leave this house
But now I'm scared of staying I just want to get out
I'm happy here but I'm willing
To exchange my happiness to feel like I fit in
We need to turn our lives around
Open our eyes, find some solid ground
To begin our journeys
Accompany our wants
Accompany our needs

Wake up
Times not waiting on me
Why do I think that it can
Stand up
For what you feel is real
What you believe in
I know, I know, I know
That it's hard in this modern fucking world
And I know
We need to grow up before we lose ourselves

We need to grow the fuck up
Start making our own inprints
Instead of walking in the steps of someone elses.

Choose your direction
Choose your path
Make the right choices right now
And make them fucking last
Track Name: Badge
'Solid gold' or so you like to think you are
Sitting on a pedastall much higher
Than your lower life forms such as myself, such as ourselves
That uniform makes you much better than us
You need to open your eyes, we're not the youth that's fucked
We're just having some fun
Free of all physical, spiritual, suffering pain of anyone

Fight, some serious crime
Theres plenty around so stop wasting our time
Your dedication to the job is understandable
So use it on something worth your while
Instead of hasslin us, we're not the youth that's fucked
We're just some kids trying to find something better to do
We though it would keep us out of trouble

Do you really know, what you think you no?
You don't understand the meaning behind it all, no

You've got that badge, blue and red lights, that uniform and the government on your side
It's the only way that you know how live
It's the only way you know how to survive

We never expected you to understand
We'd just appreciate it if you opened up your mind
(We're not the youth that's fucked)
Track Name: We Will Thrive
We jumped straight in the deep end
With no lessons learnt
It's all trial and error
Until we find out what we're worth

It's always been hard living way out here
But I believe this is as hard as it gets
Sorthing through the bullshit everyday
But we're always trying to push through it

We stood our ground
In this dead town

Our judgement day is upon us
We're giving all we got to give
Tired of all this narrow minded bullshit
I've lost all hope for these kids

We will live without you
I don't doubt that we will thrive

It's sad but it's true, that I've lost all hope in these kids
We're ready to take all our steps forward
I believe we've been ready for a while
We will thrive